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Cheata Tactical ™  Ankle  Gun Sox™  


Cheata Tactical ™  Ankle  Gun Sox™  Descriptions and Benefits

Simply revolutionary. Engineered for true security and comfort during any ultra vigorous activity or in combative engagement. The best and most reliable firearm retention ever seen on a lower leg holstering system. Compatible with any mid-size or small pistol or revolver. Absolute freedom from the discomfort common with traditional lower leg holstering. So comfortable and secure you will forget you are carrying. Ideal for LEO backup carry and deep conceal primary carry. Cross your legs and move naturally with no worry that your firearm will be seen in sensitive environments. Patent Pending.

Please watch our Cheata™ Gun Sox™  demo videos to learn more about product capability, proper holstering and draw, and proper donning and doffing.


*Crisp, clean, smooth draw

*No shifting or sliding down the leg

*Ambidextrous, inside or outside holstering

*Opposite gun pouch may be used to hold extra magazines, medical kits, or knives

*Gun grip pulled inwardly towards the calf for slimmer and better conceal

*No firearm bouncing or banging on the shin or ankle even while running

*No shifting or sliding down the leg

*Proprietary Pant Protector ™ to protect pant leg fabric from gun sight

*No stretching out during extended wear or from repeated wear

*Comprehensive medical grade 4-way stretch compression

*Featuring Stretx™ compression holstering system

*Ultra moisture wicking and fast drying

*Heat dispersing, breathable fabric for hot summer months

*Antimicrobial and odor resistant

*Machine washable

*Unisex fit